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What Now on iTunes


Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - UPDATE - What Now is available on iTunes today!

Pinay makes their debut on the world's #1 source for online music sales, the iTunes Music Store. Available right now, you can download special editions of the What Now and Inevitable albums, along with Pinay's latest single, I Came To Party, with exclusive new remixes previously released only on 12-inch vinyl. The online availability of Inevitable will be especially great news to fans, since it has been out of print (and out of stores) for years.

Open 24/7 on Macs and Windows PCs, the iTunes Music Store has become a smash hit with music fans, professional musicians and the entire music industry. As of this week, iTunes offers a catalog of over 1,000,000 titles complete with preview clips and cover art. You can download individual songs for 99 or grab an entire album at once.

You don't need an iPod! You can keep your music in your personal library or burn it to a standard audio CD. The extra fun and convenience of an iPod is your choice. For more information on iTunes and iPods, please check out our run-down on Planet Hype, iTunes: iPod Not Required

Download iTunes

If you already have iTunes installed, just click the link below to go directly to Pinay.

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