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Download Pinay's Soon-to-be-released single


Wednesday, 21 August 2002 - Download the soon-to-be-released single by Pinay, "I Came To Party", in its entirety, and in the popular mp3 format, FREE.

It's available NOW via's newest feature, Jukebox!

Make sure you register before grabbing the mp3 because whoever shares and serves this mp3 to the most people will receive a free autographed 8x10 picture and poster from the divas themselves, Pinay!

Yes, that's the entire song, share it with as many friends of yours online (or through one of those Napster clones like Gnutella) and win a prize!

We'll be looking out online randomly in the next month, and if we find you've shared the mp3 with someone, you'll win!

Click HERE for details about how the contest and jukebox work. "I Came To Party" will also be available soon on 12" vinyl with special remixes.

For more information:

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