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I Know What You Thinkin'

17 June 2002

Written by JP Nebres
Published by JP Nebres Publishing Designee admin. by Rex Sampaga Music (ASCAP)

Step up in the party and you're scopin' out the spot
For tha baddest girl, and that be me, but I ain't trippin.
Rollin' with my girls and you know we don't give a damn
Tonight's a female thang, you wouldn't understand

(You know that I want it)
You ain't gonna get it
(You know that I need it)
You need to step off of me
Ladies let's do our thing

I know what you thinkin'
Let's get to giggin'
But wait a second baby
I'm chillin posted up
Flossin' with my ladies
Just rollin' up
I know that you trippin
See your head turnin
Ladies if you know what I be sayin'
All hands, throw em up
All my ladies if you feel me just throw em up

Stop don't say another word, I don't need to hear no more
Cuz you're spittin' game I heard before, It's kinda tired
You're talking 'bout,
"Let me get your digits baby, cuz you're lookin' real hott tonight".
Put a little somethin' on it boy, originality is nice.



Raise your glass and tip your cup
Apple Martini my girls are enough
It's all I need to have a good time
Even if I see something I like
And his approach is kinda nice
I don't have to think twice
Cuz I've made up my mind



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