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Each bringing a distinct sound and dimension to the group, Loredie, Angelica, and Irma can all deliver impressive solo vocals, but the essence of Pinay's talent lies in the power and versatility of their sound together as a harmony based group. Angelica, with her perfect pitch, sings high soprano in a pure and clear vocal tone. Loredie sings the midrange harmonies with her in-your-face funk and gospel influenced vocals. Irma carries the alto parts with her agile vocal control and powerful low notes. Together, they cover a huge vocal range and deliver clean, smooth unisons and dynamic harmonies.

Pinay started out in 1993 as a primarily a cappella group, bringing together the talents of four women with backgrounds in classical, pop, soul, and gospel music. (Original member, Maylene Briones, has since left the group to pursue medical school.) Initially, Pinay focused on a cappella music, building their vocal skills and the strength of their sound as well as refining the blend and interaction of their voices for three years before signing with Classified Records in 1996. Through their years of singing together, creating and promoting their debut album "Inevitable," Pinay has developed a distinctively mature, yet versatile sound.

From their soulful and emotive voices to their alluring but refined looks, Pinay has what it takes. Audiences from all over have witnessed this fact every time Pinay takes to the stage. What is undeniable is that these ladies put on an unparalleled live performance, proving that their skill and talent is not studio made, but the real thing. "These girls are the real deal, on track and live," says KDON on air radio personality Picazzo.

And what does Pinay have to say about performing? "It's an amazing feeling being up on stage and feeding off of the energy of the crowd. It makes you want to give even more," says Irma. "Performing makes our music complete," Angelica adds, "You appreciate your efforts so much more when you sing live and people give you instant positive feedback."


Pinay's debut album, Inevitable, on Classified Records is a true embodiment of Pinay's talents and influences. With eleven original songs, two original arrangements, remixes of their first two singles, Inevitable appeals to audiences both young and adult. With the help of songwriter/producer JP "da Beat Digga" Nebres, songwriters Sundra Manning and Ledisi Young, and producer Elvin Reyes, Pinay's diverse talents both as singers and songwriters are showcased in the wide array of songs, from the soulful love ballads (Next Time, I'd Give It All To You, This Day Forth); jazzy mellow grooves (Come Go Away With Me); acoustical/old school (Share My World); a cappella (Dahil Sa Iyo); silky vocals (Dim The Lights, Everything) to dance influenced tracks (Is It Real?).

The single release of Is It Real? earned a #41 spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Maxi Singles Chart. The latest maxi-single release off of the album, Next Time, remained on Billboard for several weeks reaching up to the #36 spot on the Hot Dance Maxi Singles Chart. Chuck Taylor, from Billboard magazine reviewed the song "a sweet, lilting adventure from new foursome Pinay."


In the latter part of 2001, Pinay inked a record deal with Planet Hype AMD, and it's a partnership that is bound to create some noise! After some time off from performing, Pinay, along with producers JP �the BeatDigga� Nebres, Darwin Seegmiller, Elvin Reyes and Matt Villacarte went back into the studio, put in some long hours and hard work and let the creativity flow. The result is Pinay�s second full-length album entitled, �What Now?� They wrapped up production in March and released the new single in late May and the full length album in June of this year. With this new music, Loredie, Angelica and Irma are eager and ready to get back on the performance circuit to showcase the new look and sound of Pinay! Keep an eye out for updates on as well as on


Pinay has drawn enthusiastic crowds in venues across the country and overseas, performing in cities such as New York, NY (Club Tramps); San Francisco, CA (The Sound Factory, City Nights, Kaboom, The Palace of Fine Arts); Los Angeles, CA (The Democratic National Convention at the Staples Center, The Palace, The Arena, Circus, Grand Avenue); Philadelphia, PA (Club Shampoo); Portland, OR (The Zoot Suite); Columbus, OH (Club Mecca); Chicago, IL (Club Eclipse); Waikiki, HI (Waikiki Shell); Seattle, WA; Houston, TX (the mayor proclaimed 8-26-00 PINAY Day!!); and Gainsville, FL.

Pinay has performed at high schools and colleges across the country and has been active on the speaking circuit as well, presenting workshops and participating in panel discussions on issues surrounding Filipina Americans in the music and entertainment industries.

Upon catching the attention of Viva Records in Asia, Pinay also had the opportunity to do an extensive promotional tour through the Philippines in 1999 to promote the Philippine release of �Inevitable.�

With the second album on the store shelves, the ladies are ready to get out there and take to the stage again.

in photo above, left to right
Loredie Cruz Reyes, Maylene Cochan Briones,
Irma Baretto de los Santos, Angelica Page Abiog

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